The “rolling jaguar” or Xiinbal train arrives

     The Mayan Train has a broader objective than communicating the states of Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Yucatán) with a route of approximately 1,500 kilometers at a speed of 120 kilometers for now. Mexico will greatly benefit from the Mayan train, since the current international economic competition and its internal market demand better connectivity and mobility of people and goods, bringing with it a precedent of spilling over to the national economy. It is known that the circulation of merchandise through different routes favors the emergence of activities and markets, as well as greater consumption.

     It is expected that the “Mayan train” will have a positive impact on the tourism, hotel and service sectors with the exponential circulation of people and merchandise in less time and cost, which ensures better conditions for the consumer-tourist. Likewise, it will increase the use of archaeological tourist attractions and different beach, jungle, cenote destinations and all the attractions offered by the Mexican southeast. See different types of trains: tourist (luxury and austere), passenger and cargo.

     It is from the projected public investment of at least 373 thousand 699 million that the multiplying effect of private investment in urban and rural centers throughout the area of influence of the project will be encouraged, thus being a trigger for the economy. southeast of the country and generator of tourism.,mil%2073%20millones%20de%20pesos.

     The investment of the “Maya train” sets a favorable precedent for “nearshoring” in the southeast of Mexico, that is, that production chains by transnational companies settle in this region of the country, since additionally the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus Tehuantepec is very close to some of the states through which the Mayan train will pass. The purpose of the Interoceanic Corridor is to promote connectivity between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean through railways.

     Under the context of public investment, without a doubt, the state of Quintana Roo and consequently the Riviera Maya will have a more dynamic and diverse economy, the latter will facilitate supplier networks and strengthen local supply chains, a need that is increasing given the investments private companies in the hotel and real estate sectors. The more competitive an entity is, the more attractive it is for investment.

     The Riviera Maya will have better connectivity with the other states that make up the Mayan train route and also guarantees a means of transportation for residents and workers who live in urban and rural centers. To date, the rates for the runs have not been defined. , but the authorities have declared that they will guarantee a price list for tourists, nationals, foreigners, as well as a preferential price for the local population, seeking to compete with existing transport services in the region. “It is expected that it will serve as a quick and efficient connection between the different communities and will boost the economy of the Mayan towns and communities.”

Benefits of the Mayan Train for the Riviera Maya

• Reduction of pollutants

The trains will have a hybrid system, which makes them friendly to the environment. Said system will use electrical energy, for which massive solar panel installations will be built to generate electrical energy to supply 874 kilometers of double track for the sections from Mérida to Cancún and from Cancún to Chetumal.

• Increase in tourism

With this fast transportation route, visits to archaeological monuments and tourist regions will increase, thus being a trigger for income for hotels and restaurants.

• Job creation

It is estimated that almost 1 million new jobs will be generated in the region by the year 2030. Likewise, 715,000 new jobs are estimated in municipalities that have a train station. 150,000 new jobs within the rural economy associated with the Mayan Train. Of every 100 people with employment generated by the Mayan Train, 46 will belong to native peoples.

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