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What is a condo hotel?


The condohotel model represents a highly profitable alternative for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio into more profitable options and a successful business model. The condohotel is an innovative option for safe real estate investment in the Mexican market, ideal for those who want to earn monthly income from renting their property within a resort from a hotel room.

Condohotels are not timeshare. Each unit is privately owned with a registered property title and enjoys the rights of a condominium regime.


Real estate investors own the individual units (residences or hotel rooms), but these are rented through the hotel management company when not owner-occupied.

Benefits for owners?


  • Each unit is individually owned and “the owners do not worry about the administration”, since this is in charge of the administration and management of the hotel, it is in charge of maintenance, promotion and marketing to obtain high levels of occupancy and at high prices for the set of units. It is a business model primarily for investors who want a vacation property, but without the usual inconveniences of a second home, for example, paying security, constant maintenance, finding someone to rent it during the low season or promoting the property for rent.


  • The owners can enjoy and benefit from the use and enjoyment of the hospitality and security services of a hotel. It’s a lucrative way to capitalize on a property’s hospitality potential.


  • The Hotel must maintain a high quality standard for all the rooms, in order to maintain the hotel category; therefore, each unit (residence) must be in perfect condition.

Condo-hotels emerged as a highly profitable, safe and open investment alternative for different types of investors. From an important businessman who wants to increase his capital to one who wants to invest his first savings in a safe business model.




  1. You invest in one of the strongest markets: The Riviera Maya located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, is considered one of the destinations with the highest economic growth internationally due to the tourism sector, therefore, investing in a condohotel also allows owners to venture into this sector.
  2. Excellent location, just 15 minutes from Cancun International Airport. One of the main interests of tourists is that their rest and comfort destination is well located and that it is surrounded by nearby communication and transportation routes, as well as shopping centers, entertainment centers, recreational activities, and sports. In this way, a greater occupation and a profitable return on your investment (ROI) are generated. 
  3. Condo-Hotel model with the support of the hotel brand “WYNDHAM GRAND”. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. is an American hotel chain headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. It describes itself as the world’s largest hotel franchisor, with 9,280 hotels in operation.
  4. Generator of passive income and therefore financial freedom. Owners will receive a monthly income from their hotel rental in the upper luxury segment, which provides them with a passive income and increases their cash flow.
  5. Capital gains: The day you sell your hotel residence you will have an appreciation of the property. That is, the difference between the value at which you bought it in relation to the one at which you sold it. A price increase that in the Riviera Maya has been higher than 10% per year in recent periods.
  6. Hotel occupancy generators. Within the Wyndham Grand Mayakaan condo-hotel complex there will be a medical tourism clinic, which will generate additional occupations after attending to the medical needs of mainly American tourists. As well as a heavenly chapel to meet the demand for weddings from tourists who visit the Riviera Maya, together with a convention center that will also generate hotel occupancy in the segment of groups and companies.


Investors see a great opportunity to protect their capital by investing in this investment model. Condohotels position themselves as an opportunity for the owners of each residence or private unit to use their property for vacations and also as a fruitful income generator when they are not. occupying.


INVEST AND ENJOY YOUR PROFITS, because “the best investment on earth is land” Louis Glickman


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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