Investing in the Riviera Maya in real estate

Investing in the Riviera Maya in real estate is a consolidated option for investors because it has business models that offer high profitability in the hands of the tourism sector, it is currently the destination with the highest demand in Mexico, with sustained growth in the hotel and real estate sector , the Riviera Maya is more than a beach, it is a destination where you can do a wide variety of activities beyond enjoying its beautiful beaches.

In the last blog, it was highlighted that it is a destination with a lot of potential for economic growth, because it has a tourist infrastructure that responds to the needs of all kinds of visitors, the Riviera Maya captivates for its cultural, historical, and natural legacy and offer of entertainment activities, which in As a whole, they encourage national and international tourism and consequently investors in real estate for tourist occupation purposes, hence the connotation “enjoy and invest.” Investing in a property in this tourist area allows you to enjoy beyond the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean perform the following activities:

  • Visit Archaeological Zones, some of the vestiges of the Mayan culture in its maximum representation:
  1. Chichen Itzá
  2. Cobá
  3. Kohunlich
  4. Ruinas de Xaman-Há
  5. Ruinas del Meco
  6. Ruinas del Rey
  7. Ek Balam
  8. Parque Nacional Tulum

Enjoy the Cenotes Route, located just 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport, in the Municipality of Puerto Morelos, you will see beautiful aquifer deposits that are interconnected between underground galleries that form ecosystems, highlighting the great wealth of flora and fauna that is inside and around it:

  1. Zapote
  2. Lucero
  3. King-Há
  4. Siete bocas
  5. La Noria
  6. Verde lucero
  7. Mojarras
  8. Boca del puma
  9. Reserva toh
  10. Chilam Balam
  • Diving and snorkeling, are the most popular activities where you can explore the second largest reef in the world with its colorful coral formations and varied marine life, such as:
  1. Parque Nacional de Arrecifes
  2. Barcos hundidos en Cancún y Puerto Morelos
  3. Cenotes
  • Fishing, is an activity to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and abundant schools of fish; Some of the most popular spots are Puerto Morelos, Lagunas de Boca Paila, Bahía de la Ascensión and Tulum, especially for fishing for bass, tarpon, palometa, pegs and bonefish, among others.
  • Gastronomic offer, in a destination where fish and lobsters are ingredients presented as stellar dishes. You can also enjoy international and regional food such as: ceviche, tikinxic fish, marinated pork, tortillas in pepitas sauce, poc chuc, Motuleños eggs, pozol, coffee, coconut water and a great variety. The gastronomic variety is for all types of palate and taste.
  • Nightlife, the nights have their charm with their discos, bars, themed dinners; as well as the shows offered by the big hotels. You can dance, sing and enjoy to the rhythm of music on the beach or techno in a world-class club.
  • Ride on a luxurious yacht or catamaran, an escape from the beaches on an excursion is the ideal option to enjoy the views of the reefs, relax with a good drink and food. Relax under the tropical sun and enjoy sailing through the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean, where the wind will be a refreshing incentive.

Enjoy and invest in the Riviera Maya!


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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