holidays rental business is privileged among investors


The holidays rental business is privileged among investors,as it is aimed to obtain a high return on investment. Investing in a property that can be rented under this business scheme has a double benefit: to enjoy a second residence in a vacation destination and to get an income by renting it for people´s holidays. Buying a property in the Riviera Maya increases your wealth with real estate investment.

Holidays rentals in the Riviera Maya is a highly profitable niche, due to all the positive factors of the destination. It is a business model that converts your property into a fixed asset that generates liquidity and therefore ceases to be a burden of expense for a matter of maintenance and taxes, as is it happens when you only have it for your holidays. The holidays residences could be managed by the owner or by a person or company who is hired for this purpose in exchange of a fee. They are responsible for the maintenance and management of the property, making sure it is continually occupied and responsible for making the payments inherent to the property expenses and maintenance.

This business model has been exploited for a few years by different platforms, for example Airbnb, proving that investing in a property for rental purposes is profitable and also enjoyable for the owners. Investing in real estate under this modality, gives the owners the possibility to profit from the property capital gain, the return on investment from rentals and 0% inflation in this sector; holidays rentals generate a permanent income, it is a profitable business in the long run.

In Riviera Maya this model exceeded expectations and became very attractive for real estate developers, investors, hoteliers and equity funds, thus generating real estate products leveraged in high-end and international hotel brands. Nowadays there is a product in the market combining the real estate and hotel at the same time, where you are the owner of the property but you partner with a hotel chain for the operation and administration of your residence. This is fundamental as you will get income from the rentals of the hotelier, but you won´t worry for the up keeping of your property and, when you want to use it, you will just enjoy it. In order for this to function you will need the support of an international hotel brand who can provide solidity in the profitability base of the real estate and guarantees the standards of quality, service and profitability. Holiday rentals in Riviera Maya offer a particular business advantage over housing in urban areas. The highly profitability benefit ensures your investment is safe.


  • Permanent maintenance of the property;
  • High occupancy without risk of defaults or overdue rents;
  • Use of the property as a second residence and enjoy all the amenities and services;
  • Return on investment (ROI) is faster and safer due to all the occupation factors involved in the development, such as weddings, spas, restaurants, medical clinic, beach club, among others.

Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences will be the first real estate development in the Mexican Caribbean with the support of the prestigious brand Wyndham Grand, which belongs to the leading global hotel group Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, hotelier with 20 brands and more than 9000 hotels and 815,700 rooms in more than 80 countries, the seal of “Wyndham” is recognized around the world for revolutionizing the concept of lodging and for its wide variety of options. It is within the top 500 S&P stock index, which is based on the market value of 500 large companies trading on the NYSE or NASDAQ stock exchanges.


  • Developed under a condo-hotel or holiday rental business model, with the support of the international hotel brand Wyndham in its Grand category.
  • Because of its excellent location in the Riviera Maya.
  • The investor forms part of tourism and hotel rental business.
  • The owner enjoys his property when he stays and receives the profits from the equity in the real estate property.
  • Wide variety of amenities and enhances and triggers hotel occupancy and a safer return on investment.

Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya is designed for you, invest and become a partner now!

Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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