Financial freedom

     Investing is the key to generating wealth and freeing yourself from the financial stress that is generated over the years and even more so with inflation as a latent enemy. Investing in real estate in Mexico will be an important trigger to obtain your financial freedom in 2023. If you are still not sure about investing, analyze the behavior of inflation and how your purchasing power is decreasing.

     Achieving financial freedom is the ambitious goal that more and more people pursue and consists of having enough income to cover all economic needs without worrying about not reaching a fixed income goal. The key is to control spending and generate fixed income through a good investment strategy in the right destination.

Benefits to obtain financial freedom

  1. Tranquility. Living without stress or worries, based on income, allows one of the most basic needs to be covered and that is the feeling of security.
  2. Time. The most precious value of this century to enjoy what you like to do the most. Financial freedom gives you the option to work how and when you want.
  3. Vocation of life. Do what you really like out of conviction.
  4. Happiness. Enjoy the life.

     Financial freedom occurs when you create a system capable of generating money automatically, it is what is known as passive income. We have gotten used to thinking that financial freedom is some kind of unattainable utopia, however, this belief is wrong, because financial freedom does not consist so much in accumulating a lot, but in how to manage the income generated through investments.

     It is important to note that one of the important factors to consider in an investment is the economic stability of the country or region, in case the investments are made in real estate. Investments in our country are strengthened since the Mexican peso is currently at its best moment in recent years, it is even called the “superpeso”, since the Mexican currency has benefited from the combination of several factors that maintain investor confidence in the national currency, among which stand out:

External factors:

  • Direct foreign investment to the country.
  • Increase in foreign currency or remittances.
  • Flow from exports.

Internal factors

  • Low debt.
  • Increase in interest rates as a correction to high inflation.
  • A strict fiscal policy.
  • The expectations of a radical change in world trade in the coming years that could generate an increase in foreign direct investment.
  • Mexico is projected as the main exporter to the United States, leaving China behind as a result of nearshoring.

     Mexico is beginning to recover the competitive advantages it lost decades ago. Starting in 2023, there will be a decade of rising investment in the manufacturing industry sectors. Some 400 companies from Asia want to establish themselves in Mexico, which will strengthen investment. foreign direct growth influenced by new plants and production lines attracted by nearshoring.

    The arrival of investment in Mexico attracted by nearshoring or relocation has been reflected in companies in the automotive and basic metals sectors, who seek to guarantee the availability of supplies during the manufacturing process and facilitate the transfer of finished products to the target market, to that are marketed within the North American continent itself.

Without a doubt, investing in Mexico and especially in the Riviera Maya allows investors to guarantee financial freedom, taking into consideration the levels of security in Mexico at the macroeconomic level and the financial profitability of the Riviera Maya destination, as well as the positive impact it will have on short and long term nearshoring in our country.

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