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     Investing in real estate valued in dollars has gained ground in the last five years in the Riviera Maya, this is mainly due to the stability of the economy of the United States of America in the face of unstable economies. Historically, the dollar represents a symbol of security in the short and long term, so much so that in the Mexican Caribbean, real estate maintains its value for sale and rent in dollars. The financial system of the United States is one of the most stable and robust in the world, an important part of countries have their reserves there, which makes the dollar a reference currency for real estate investments. Investing in dollars is one of the most promising forms of investment.

Where to invest?

     There are many investment opportunities in the real estate sector because it provides additional benefits to high-risk investments, and even more so when investing in the Riviera Maya, since hotel and real estate growth has registered an increase of 20% in terms of sales in the last five years, placing the state of Quintana Roo among the ten fastest growing markets in the world; To refer to a piece of information, there was an investment in these sectors of more than 66% compared to the investments registered in 2019.

    The Riviera Maya is a guarantee that real estate investments are highly profitable, due to a determining factor that is tourism. Real estate investment is a solid option to diversify investments in land, apartments and houses, the Riviera Maya is a destination that guarantees high returns. This destination presents one of the best conditions in Mexico to invest. Experts predict that in hotels there will be an investment of 2,500 million dollars of private investment and 5,000 million dollars of direct investment in real estate development.

Benefits of investing in this destination?

  • Price of real estate in dollars
  • Consolidated destination in the tourism sector
  • Estimated public investment for the year 2023 of 45,000 million pesos in projects such as the Mayan Train, airports and road works.
  • Public Security strengthened
  • The GDP growth rate in Quintana Roo was 12.58% in 2021, above the 6.30% nationally. According to INEGI
  • Increase in vacation rentals
  • Increase in capital gains and annual profitability

What is the use of knowing that GDP is increasing?

The growth of the Gross Domestic Product reveals that the economy is recovering and advancing, which generates greater certainty in income and greater consumption of goods and services that also boost productivity and the economy.

     Just as companies use GDP forecasts to make important decisions for the expansion of their activities, investments in new franchises, machinery or businesses and generate more sources of employment; Also, some investors use it as a reference to invest in real estate because it allows them to see how prices and interest rates will behave in the future.

     Profitability is another important factor to determine the feasibility of investing in the Mexican Caribbean; Without a doubt, the monthly income from vacation rentals is three to four times higher than that of a fixed and traditional income. It is a successful business model that allows turning the property into a fixed asset that generates liquidity in the short term due to the high demand for tourists, is a highly proven business strategy. The average occupancy demand in the Cancun & Riviera Maya destination in November 2022 is 76%, much higher than the national average occupancy of the order of 63%, as shown in the following table:

Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences

Investing in a property in 2023 is a low-risk decision that guarantees fixed income. The future is in the decisions of the present.


Our real estate development is designed for you, under the Wyndham Grand brand belonging to the largest hotel chain in the world.


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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