Gastronomy in the day of the independence of Mexico


        The month of September in Mexico is known as the national month, and the Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th and 16th with countless festivals and rites that highlight the extensive Mexican culture. The main avenues and streets are dressed in the Mexican flag and its colors with the usual chopped paper, decorations and lights with the colors green, white and red.

Mexican gastronomy plays a very important role in this national month, special dishes and drinks are prepared. Families and friends gather to taste the traditional green, white, or red pozole (a broth made from corn grains, chili, and chicken or pork) accompanied by toast and fresh vegetables such as radish, avocado, onion, lemon, lettuce, and the special touch of oregano.

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On this special date, homage is paid to the national month through gastronomy, the colors of the flag are taken as a basis, so you can find delicious dishes with the colors green, white and red in any corner, streets, homes and restaurants. Enchiladas, chilaquiles, tortas ahogadas, chiles en nogada, tamales, guacamole, pico de gallo, Aztec soup, rice or tortillas are especially prepared, and they also play with green and red sauces.

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Mexican gastronomy is accompanied by an exciting and delicious variety of drinks, such as “tequila” originating in the state of Jalisco, birthplace of the blue agave plant that contains the special sugars that are key in the preparation of this drink, It is commonly served in a small glass, known as a “little shot” and is drunk in a single gulp, but it is also enjoyed with a slice of lemon and salt to enhance the flavor.

Mezcal is part of the national identity of Mexico, and takes on great importance in these festivities, it is produced with maguey mainly in the state of Oaxaca, considered the world capital of mezcal. Undoubtedly, mezcal represents our land, its fields and its agaves, with tanned skins and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, without forgetting the ceremonial nuances that surround this wonderful drink.

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If you plan to travel to Mexico or the Riviera Maya in the first weeks of this month of September, you will be received with unimaginable decorations, lighting, fireworks and a vast gastronomy that this national month includes. Live the experience of listening at the top of your lungs to the expression that comes from the heart ¡Viva México!

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