Secrets Of The Mayan Culture



    There is much we do not know about the Mayan culture, it is one of the greatest and most brilliant cultures of humanity, for all its extraordinary creations and discoveries, it is a culture without the influence of other civilizations. The union with the divine and the cosmic order had an important influence on their entire government structure. This mysterious civilization, which left several monuments, including a pyramid that is considered today as one of the seven wonders of the world, had a very mysterious end, since no one knows exactly what happened to them, if they migrated, if they became extinct or simply disappeared from this planet

Archaeologists and anthropologists of the Mayan culture have revealed their amazement at the great contributions that are in use nowadays, such as the discovery of 0.

They prophesied global warming and melting of the poles

The Mayans dedicated themselves to studying the sun and the stars, making very advanced and exact calculations, which today only differ from those carried out by NASA in minimal measurement issues. In addition, they left a very complete astrological legacy, they pointed out 7 prophecies, among them is the raising in temperature on the planet, centuries ago this prophecy would have seemed very distant. The Mayans focused on the meteorological phenomena referred as greenhouse effect, which alters the composition of the atmosphere, traps heat and increases the temperature causing the polar ice caps to melt and the seas to overflow, thus causing movement and flooding on the coasts and modifying the morphology of the planet’s continents. The Mayans said “this would be the way our planet would cleanse and flourish again.”

The Mayan calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian

The Mayans were very accurate astrologers who studied various celestial phenomena, current high-tech measurements have determined that their calendar was more accurate than the one we use today.

● The writing system is one of the most notable
Its writing was much more complex than it seems, it could be read from top to bottom and from left to right, its carving was equivalent to a syllable, but you can have several readings of it, to such an extent that experts still have a long way to go for translate.

The man will change his conscience and will be more supportive and pure

The reintegration of the individual consciousness of millions of humans will awaken a new consciousness in which everyone will understand they are part of the same organism.

“Man will experience the galactic spring, the flowering of a new reality based on reintegration with the planet and all human beings at that time will understand that we are an integral part of a single gigantic organism and we will connect with the Earth.”

● The mystery of the Mayan blue

The Mayans considered a certain shade of blue to be of higher value and highly significant. Mayan blue was used to cover pots, palace walls, and codices, as well as to cover the bodies of human sacrifices. Although scientists knew the two main ingredients were indigo and palygorskite, they did not know what the third mysterious ingredient was; However, US researchers in 2008 published a study that stated that copal resin was the third secret ingredient in this color; However, in 2013 this fact was refuted, revealing that the third secret ingredient is dehydroindigo and not copal resin. Furthermore, they suggested that the Mayans knew “how to obtain the desired shade by varying the temperature of the preparation.” That is, they handled the chemistry of certain compounds.

They developed toilets and sinks

In 2009, a team of archaeologists published a study detailing how the Mayans built fountains and toilets by controlling water pressure, a fact that refuted the belief that the ability to generate water pressure began after the arrival of the Spanish on the American continent. .

Without a doubt, the Mayan culture is full of great mysteries and secrets, and living in the paradise of the Riviera Maya will allow you to enjoy all the benefits this destination has to offer. Invest and win, you will experience the magic of ancient culture and abundant wealth.

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