Hanal Pixán Mayan Celebration


        The Day of the Dead is considered a celebration of memory and a ritual that privileges the memory of our loved ones who have passed away, it is a way of giving continuity to the affective relationship, it is a celebration full of joy where families come together to perform purchases for the assembly of the offerings.

This date marks a very old tradition with roots in indigenous culture. But why is the day of the dead celebrated? This celebration aims to remind us how finite life is, that death is part of it, that they go in a parallel line. Death causes pain to relatives or friends, but from our indigenous roots we have learned to perceive it as a stage in which we must remember that we had life.

For this reason we Mexicans have the belief that on November 1 and 2, the souls have the freedom to have our return to this earthly plane and for that reason altars are set up as the main element: cempasuchil flowers, incense and copal, paper chopped, white candles, sugar skulls, chocolate or amaranth, bread of the dead, fruits, salt, water, some dish that the person to whom the altar is dedicated to will like.

The Hanal Pixán tradition or “day of the dead”, is a tradition of the Mayan people that is carried out to remember in a special way the friends and relatives who went ahead in the eternal journey. During this celebration cemeteries are visited and legends are told. It should be remembered that the Mayans saw time as cyclical and saw the Earth as a rectangular plane on which there were 13 heavens that looked like tree branches and 9 lower worlds that looked like the same roots of those trees. At last, life found itself in the middle of this, and life was the Pixán that rotated through time.

The Pixán, or “the soul of man”, was considered a gift from the gods, which was on Earth for a time and then traveled through serpent-shaped paths to the underworld.

Without a doubt, the celebration of the Day of the Dead in the Riviera Maya is lived with great enthusiasm where several gastronomic events are held in the Municipality of Puerto Morelos. Chef Daniel Ovadía, recognized for years as one of the greatest young talents in Mexican cuisine, who assures that: “We have to understand that Mexican cuisine is the product of a global gastronomic miscegenation and that it is time to experiment and dare to innovate. in the flavors” at the “Punta Corcho” restaurant commemorates and honors this tradition of the day of the dead with an offering made dessert” that is very special. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkMxMfOD-yr/

On behalf of the municipal authorities of Puerto Morelos, the “Hanal Pixán 2022” festivity will be held with the contest of altars, catrinas and literary skulls that will be presented from October 30 to November 2. It will be held in a family atmosphere where tradition flourishes in every corner of this beautiful charming town.

Undoubtedly, the “Riviera Maya is more than a beach” is a place where the tradition of our ancient Mayan culture converges with the fusion of contemporary culture and ideology, but without losing the greatness of our traditions. It is a special place to rest, enjoy and family life. Come and live these traditions in this beautiful destination.

At Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences, you can enjoy the celebration of our most emblematic traditions and gastronomy. It’s time to invest and earn. What are you waiting for!


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