Real estate profitability in tourist areas

    Investing in the different markets has the same objective for investors and that is to obtain the strongest possible returns and preserve capital. The profitability of investments in real estate assets in traditionally managed tourist areas is long-term, and depends primarily on the surplus value of the price based on a revaluation.

    However, the profitability of these same properties managed under the vacation rental scheme is short-term because it does not depend solely on the surplus value to obtain a profit, since the income from vacation rentals is three to four times higher than that of vacation rentals. a fixed and traditional rent of an equivalent property in a non-tourist urban area. It is, therefore, a business model that allows the property to be converted into a fixed asset that generates short-term liquidity.

Investing under the vacation rental scheme in tourist regions such as the Riviera Maya offers a particular business advantage over housing in urban areas.

    In recent years, profitability has been consolidated under the vacation rental model, also known in the Riviera Maya as CONDO-HOTEL ADMINISTRATION. It is a highly proven and successful business strategy on the part of its operators, therefore it does not require great knowledge of the market for the owners acquiring the real estate.


  • It is a way to protect assets from a fall in other types of volatile markets.
  • In the long term it is a passive investment.
  • Liquid income based on occupation.
  • Real estate tends to grow at the same rate as the tourism sector.
  • Option for withdrawal.
  • High real estate capital gain.

    Taking into consideration that vacation rentals depend on tourism, it is important to mention that properties in the Riviera Maya have an occupancy rate between 80 and 90% throughout the year.

    Investing in a property within a vacation resort is currently one of the most attractive and safest investments, because it has its occupancy support in a hotel brand, and the resorts have attractive services for tourists. In this rental structure, the administration is responsible for maintaining the property at the resort level.


                               Our real estate development is designed for you, under the largest hotel brand in the world, Wyndham



Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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