The economic recovery of Mexico for the year 2022, after the stage of adaptation and transformation to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, are favorable for the real estate sector because in the third quarter of 2021 (3Q21) it was the second in importance, representing 12.38% within the economic sectors and the first in terms of tertiary activities. The real estate sector in Mexico can boost job creation and economic growth after the Covid-19 pandemic, which destroyed millions of jobs in 2021.

According to the last semester of 2021, the demand for housing is increasing and corresponds mainly to the generation of young people between 27 and 40 years old. For this sector, the adaptation of a new way of working from home has been very beneficial due to several factors, but the most important is that they can purchase a home in places that are remote from their workplace or in areas that meet their economic and social expectations; For example, in Mexico City, proximity to work centers has taken a backseat.

This circumstance of change in working conditions opens up a range of opportunities for housing developers throughout the country, since now the trend is to do “home office”; that is, work from home or from a property anywhere in the country. Faced with this new need, real estate developments must adapt to new market trends and preferences, improving the recreational spaces of the complex and guaranteeing technological coverage. Given this new way of working, it allows the worker to carry out their activities from the place where they feel most comfortable, which opens the possibility of working in the center of Mexico, the United States of America, Canada or anywhere in the world and doing “ home office” from the Riviera Maya.

Factors for the recovery of the real estate market?

  •  Home offices.
  •  Low mortgage interest rates (from 7.8 percent per year).
  •  Third dose of the vaccination plan.
  •  Better conditions of housing institutions (Infonavit, and Fovissste).
  •  Economic recovery of the productive sectors.
  •  Job recovery.

Undoubtedly, the real estate market is one of the pillars of the Mexican economy, which was favored by the measures adopted by financial and housing institutions, because they helped mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic on the payment of family mortgage loans.

What is clear is that the economy, and the housing sector, continues to depend on the general economy and how COVID behaves in the country and in the world, but it is a fact that, if the value of housing survived and grew in the year 2021 with the pandemic, there is little doubt of its growth in the year 2022.Have you wondered if the year 2022 is a good time to invest in a property?

The information do not deceive, nor the growth statistics of capital gains issued by the Federal Mortgage Society or the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). His analysis reveals a growth in the demand for housing, granting of mortgage loans and an increase in capital gains of up to 11.2% in the states of Baja California and Quintana Roo. We are currently at an excellent time to INVEST in a property or home due to the great changes that have taken place in society since 2020, families have had the opportunity to save, low interest rates favor contracting mortgages and prices are remaining relatively low. Simultaneously, the demand profile has been evolving and the implementation of measures such as confinement have caused housing to become the epicenter of the life of the family and work nucleus.

Investing in real estate in the Rivera Maya is a wise decision, because of all the benefits that the destination offers, such as the climate, wide spaces surrounded by natural beauty, a suitable place to develop work or family activities. Come and invest in our real estate development Mayakaan Residences by Wyndham Grand, a place where your investment will give you profitability and added value, and will be your ideal space for telecommuting, do not hesitate and ask about your FUTURE INVESTMENT.


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