Live off rental income

Living on your income is not as difficult as it seems, nowadays investing in a real estate should give you economic freedom and represent a source of real income, that you no longer worry if your property is rented or not, to achieve it is no longer enough Just to buy a property, you must take into consideration other factors, to make it a fixed income. Today there is this product with the real estate and hotel duo in a property. You own a property, but with the support of a hotel chain to obtain income, it is a profitable and proven business scheme in the United States and Riviera Maya. Property owners open their doors to enter the non-traditional tourism sector that allows them to face the challenge of new trends in the real estate rental market.

Nowadays there are several real estate developments with this scheme and of great success for the owners of the property, but without a doubt the name of the hotel brand is a factor to be considered as essential, because it allows to know the standards of quality, service and profitability, with which you can foresee the occupation of your real estate property.

Our Mayakaan Residences real estate development will be the first real estate development in the Mexican Caribbean with the support of the Wyndham Grand brand, which belongs to the leading global hotel group Wyndham Hotels & Resorts with 20 brands and more than 9000 hotels and 815,700 rooms in more than 80 countries, the seal of the “Wyndham” brand, is recognized around the world for revolutionizing the concept of lodging and for its wide variety of options. It is within the S&P 500 stock index, one of the most important in the United States, the index is based on the market capitalization of 500 large companies that own shares that are listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ stock exchanges.

The Wyndham Grand brand belongs to the highest or distinctive category of the hotel group, its hotels are located in some of the most spectacular destinations in the world, such as Qatar, China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Bahrain, and the United States offer an unforgettable stay with premium amenities, sophisticated décor, and exceptional service.

Living on your income is possible, it is having monthly income that is higher than your expenses that allow you to have that economic freedom.


So, is living on your income possible? YES, it is!


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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