High real estate equity

High real estate equity

One of the most relevant questions when investing in a real estate is the term capital gain, known as the value of a property that increases over time (but is influenced by certain external factors), hence buying a property continues to be a of the safest and most reliable investments

Investing in the Rivera Maya is more than acquiring a property, it is to guarantee, in addition to the surplus value, a high profitability, certainty, stability and tranquility towards the future of the investment, this destination is positioned internationally as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. country and with the highest real estate and hotel growth due to the demand of more than 20 million tourists a year, which opens an important niche of opportunity to the real estate rental market, from the traditional to the condo-hotel.

The recovery of the hotel sector and real estate income in the last quarter of the current year has been on the rise, according to the data provided by the Airport Group (ASUR), on average daily, between 170 and 180 flights arrive at the Cancun international airport. international and national, which averages 110 thousand tourists per day. Of the total flights, 57% correspond to international flights.

In this sense, the initial investment or property price according to the historical trend will increase its value by 4-12% annually, with an increase in value registered in the Riviera Maya of 7% in 2020.

What factors increase the value of the property?

  • Amenities is a key differential in real estate investments and even more in the wake of the pandemic in which health and well-being are important.
  • Equipment
  • Destination-Location
  • Nearby leisure and consumption centers
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Demand for real estate income

Investing in real estate is an excellent decision, but it also validates that the value of the property is real and not overvalued. Therefore, it analyzes the capital gain factors because they will be decisive when receiving the returns and increases in the value of the property.


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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