Gastronomic experience in Puerto Morelos

      The Municipality of Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, is closer than you imagine, just a few minutes from the international airport of Cancun, it is a destination that both locals and visitors fall in love with for its beautiful turquoise beaches and white sand.

       It is a place where the presence of fishermen takes on great relevance, the catch of the day ensures the provision of fresh fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster and molluscs for the preparation of innumerable gastronomic delights. This destination offers a wide variety of restaurants with various national and international cuisine specialties, where the flavors will lead you to live a great gastronomic experience that will make you connect with sensations and feelings that fill your soul and body.


      It is the one that pleases the greatest number of senses and arouses a wide variety of emotions, gastronomy is wonderfully linked to the world of emotions. The senses and emotions come together when trying food. Without realizing it, when entering a restaurant the senses awaken, what will be the first to activate? Could it be the view? The first thing we think about, where do I want to sit? Where will I feel more comfortable? Do I want to have a sea view? near the musicians? Do I want something sweet or salty?

     Puerto Morelos brings together all the elements to live a gastronomic experience, where the food, service, concept, lighting, decoration, music, climate and all the landscape elements are ready for you to live a memorable moment.


       The gastronomic diversification of Puerto Morelos has allowed it to be placed in the taste of international diners, with options for all budgets. In this beautiful destination is THE RESTAURANT LE CHIQUE, one of the best restaurants in Mexico and is among the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. The restaurant is inside the Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun hotel, it is open to the public with prior reservation, with hours from Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. In addition to this restaurant, there is an important variety of cuisines, at all budget levels, from signature dishes to tacos and typical Mayan food, there are options for everyone, I leave you with a small list of restaurants that will leave you with a great taste in your mouth. :

       Punta Corcho, Mexican and Caribbean, don’t miss the crab tacos; Boquinete Seafood & Grill, without a doubt the fish pozole is a delight; Mar-Bella Fish Market; El Merkadito del Mar, with Mexican and Caribbean food, specializing in ceviches and fish; El Pesquero, great Mexican and Caribbean food; La Playita, Mexican and Caribbean food in a family atmosphere where you can choose fish, lobster and shrimp; John Gray’s Kitchen, international cuisine; Lola y Moya, suitable for vegetarians; The list of restaurants to enjoy gastronomic experiences is long. I share this link so you can check the great offer of restaurants:

      Coming to the Riviera Maya is a delight, but living the experience of enjoying Puerto Morelos is something you cannot miss. Here you will find great investment opportunities and economic growth. Real estate investment is a solid option to diversify capital with the possibility of generating large profits with benefits in a medium to long-term period, they are assets that are not affected by inflation given the tourist demand in the state of Quintana Roo.

      Investing in Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya, is a decision that guarantees a growing and stable capital gain, since one of the growth factors is due to the demand of tourists, since according to the report of southeastern airports “ASUR” the international airport of Cancun, during February 2023 received 2,610,218 passengers, a higher figure than in February 2022, which was 2,113,577 passengers.


Our real estate development is designed for you, under the world’s largest hotel brand Wyndham Grand.


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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