The Mayan culture is still alive on a daily basis in the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond the borders of Mexico, the symbolism of ancestral ceremonies and rituals have been preserved over the years, it is the way to connect with the cosmos, universe and with everything that surrounds us.

The vision of the Mayan cosmos focuses on a holistic vision of reality and highlighting the importance of the universe as a whole, as an active nucleus of tangible and intangible living energies, where spirituality and creative consciousness of connection, transformation and evolution converge; because the cosmos is a conscious living entity in which living energy converges, where each part of the universe influences everything and they are related.

Marriage in the Mayan culture is considered a rite of change that goes from the profane to the sacred, where the energy of the bride and groom is unified before the cosmos and concentrated in the sacred space K’aam Nikte ‘, where fire, earth , water and wind from the hand of songs and sounds are invoked to the gods, a moment where the sound of snails, drums, flutes, and bells generate a micro cosmos that connects with everything. In this space the energy of the beings of light is received that bless the union of the spirit and body of the bride and groom, who are presented by the shaman before the seven directions: above resides the cosmic energy, Mother Earth rests below, around are the four winds and the higher being is within their hearts. It is there where the commitment to the cosmos to stay united arises, where the will of two turns to the universe in one.

During the Mayan ceremony, an altar made up of flowers, cinnamon, candles, copal, incense, and gourds is placed in four parts, so that seen from a zenithal plane it reflects the four cardinal points and around it a circle is drawn with sugar and in inside the bride and groom are located during the ceremony. The key element of the ritual is fire, because aromatic resin, cinnamon and flowers are burned, the shaman asks the guests to focus their positive energy for the future of the bride and groom, in the center of the space a rope forms a square, which represents the framework of the cosmos, there the Ya’axche is placed, the tree of life and its root represents the mental region, the trunk the terrestrial life and the branches correspond to the heavenly spaces. From above it looks like a cross, which traces the four cardinal points, the polar star is represented by the white color of the clothing of the guests and the bride and groom. Hence the belief for the Mayans that marriage produces the change from the profane to the sacred, it is celebrated in a natural environment such as the beach, jungle or cenotes.

The Mayan rite concentrates strength and connects with the roots, live the experience of Mayan spirituality.

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