Can you imagine spending unforgettable moments under the sea breeze on this holiday season? Have you ever thought about the possibility of changing the meaning and significance of this date and making it more essential and personal?


The perfect destination is the Mexican Caribbean. Venture to discover the magic of Christmas surrounded by jungle, sea, cenotes and unimaginable activities. The magic of Christmas is in the meaning we give to these holidays, each one can create a particular act of celebration, where the aspects of the inner being are present to give us the opportunity to strengthen our human values ​​and connect with our loved ones and thus joyfully sharing the best of each of us.


It is a time to strengthen enthusiasm and to develop a better perspective on life, it is time for peace and well-being where we gather to share with affection and joy. The Mexican Caribbean offers endless options to make these dates stress free moments. You can find all the Christmas traditions such as the emblematic piñata made up of 7 peaks, each representing the capital sins; the traditional posadas, poinsettia flowers that are representative of these festivals and originally from Mexico, known by the Aztec culture as a flower with resistant petals “cuetlaxochitl” symbolizing the blood of the sacrifices offered to the sun to renew their forces; it blooms in December.


There is also a varied and traditional gastronomy, such as the traditional drink known as “Christmas Fruit Punch, which has made our hearts happy since we were little infants and we eagerly awaited the arrival of Santa Claus. This drink is very representative of Xmas holidays and it is consumed during the posadas starting on December 16th till 24th. It is prepared with varied fruits and ingredients mostly from Mexico, such as: sugar cane, guavas, brown sugar, hibiscus, tejocotes, apples, cinnamon, tamarind and prunes.


In the Riviera Maya the gastronomic offer is very wide due to great international influence. There are restaurants of all kinds of culture, being also home to some of the best culinary places awarded internationally.


The Mexican Caribbean is a paradisiacal destination where you can choose to spend these holidays and enjoy a varied gastronomy; traditional Mayan cuisine, national and international dishes in more than 3,000 restaurants in the area.


At Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya you will find the magic of Christmas.

Live and enjoy on the second most visited destination in the world!


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