Canadians on the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya represents a dream, an opportunity and a hope to put aside everyday life and connect with nature, family, friends and enjoy the hospitality of Mexicans. Visiting the Mexican Caribbean becomes a life experience that is kept in the memory of the deepest memories and that generates a sense of belonging for visitors.

    Confidence in the Mexican Caribbean as a center for rest and relaxation for the Canadian brothers in the Riviera Maya is reflected in the estimated projection of the Federal Tourism Secretariat, who anticipates that only Air Canada will mobilize in the last quarter of 2021 a approximately 196,000 Canadian passengers, a figure higher than the 171,617 passengers that the same company transported between September and December 2019; that is, numbers above what was registered before the pandemic. Tourists are beginning to lose their fear of traveling due to the advance in the collective awareness of respect for preventive health measures, as well as the advance in vaccination and decrease in Covid-19 cases.

The decrease in Covid-19 cases in the State of Quintana Roo, among other factors, allowed the Governor to announce that the northern region of the state will change to a green epidemiological traffic light as of October 11 of this year 2021-first stage– measure that implies the following:

  • Essential activities operate normally.
  • • 80% capacity for congresses, conventions, exhibitions and fairs in outdoor areas.
  • • 80% of capacity in hotels.
  • • 80% capacity in restaurants, historical sites, theme parks, golf courses and tourist services.
  • • 80% in beaches and public parks, cinemas and theaters, shopping centers, department stores, hairdressers and beauty salons, religious services, real estate, manufacturing.
  • • 50% in bars, nightclubs, discos, entertainment centers, canteens, etc.

Important elements that will allow Canadian tourists to enjoy with greater confidence and freedom everything that the Riviera Maya offers and thus fulfill the desired dream of enjoying the turquoise beaches and white sand of a natural environment, surrounded by jungle, mangrove swamps, waters crystal clear underground rivers and cenotes, where you can practice sports and water activities. With the increase in capacity in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discos, entertainment centers, canteens, public parks, cinemas, theaters, shopping centers, historical sites, theme parks, golf courses and tourist services, undoubtedly tourists  will enjoy the Riviera Maya.

It is a destination that shows the greatness of Mexico through the historical monuments and vestiges of the splendid Mayan Culture, a culture that is still alive, a culture that is breathed in the Mayan peoples; It is one of the most amazing cultures in the history of mankind, it is a culture that still preserves peoples made up of indigenous Mayans, settled in: Akateko, Ixil, Kaqchikel, Jakalteco, K’iche, Mam, Maya, Q’anjob’al , Q’eqchi, and Chuj. The presence of the Mayan culture constitutes another of the attractions of the destination and is what gives it a seal of international distinction, due to the authenticity that exists in the Mayan peoples, who keep their language and culture alive. The Mayan language has more than 700 thousand speakers, this being one of the indigenous languages ​​with the largest number of speakers in Mexico, without a doubt the Mayan culture is of great interest to national and international visitors.

One of the Mayan activities that are most promoted and that are of great interest to tourists is the celebration of Mayan weddings, it is said that these rescue a pre-Hispanic tradition full of mysticism and a deep spiritual sense, which are usually carried out ” in a magical setting, for example, a cenote surrounded by thick vegetation, an archaeological zone, some hidden caves in the jungle or a paradisiacal beach. The bride and groom are asked to wear the huipil for the women and white clothes for the men and before the wedding, they must take a “purifying bath in the temazcal (Mayan spa)”. Before the ceremony, an altar is placed and a circle is drawn with sugar, which represents a blessed place, to which the bride and groom will enter during the ceremony, this is officiated in the Mayan language; During the wedding, blessings are requested from the god Hunab Ku, the creator of all, and from Kinich Ahau, the being of light and other gods.

Enjoying the Riviera Maya is a privilege, it is an ideal place to live and vacation, with a relaxed lifestyle that breathes tranquility, peace, serenity and comfort, it is a friendly place for visitors and a safe destination to invest in real estate, because it can represent a source of income and a business opportunity, through a profitable and safe business model; This arises from the alliance between the “real estate” and “hotel” sectors, where the investor is the legitimate and legal owner of a property but it is managed like a hotel room. The vacation rental business model is privileged among investors, as it is focused on obtaining a high return on investment, investing in a property under this business scheme has a double benefit, on the one hand, obtaining income from one rental and the other make use of it if, as the owner. Having a property in the Riviera Maya is full of interesting business possibilities, such as vacationing, renting and increasing your wealth with real estate investment under this scheme.

Our real estate development “Mayakaan Residences” will be the first real estate development in the Mexican Caribbean with the support of the Wyndham Grand brand, which belongs to the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts hotel group, the largest hotel chain in the world.

Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya is designed for you, invest in this business model!


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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