eco-technologies in the real estate industry


Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences

Eco technologies are implemented to satisfy human needs minimizing impact and damage to the environment, in which the principles of design takes in consideration the characteristics of the natural ecosystems, adopting Ecology as the fundamental base to conserve the biodiversity. Non-renewable resources are used rationally and renewable ones are promoted. They have a positive impact on the economy and the environment of the users. This type of technology is based mainly on the imperative need to preserve the environment and its ecosystems.

    The implementation of eco-technologies in the real estate industry is so much needed to generate positive changes in the economic, social and environmental aspects of our society. Long lasting and notable impacts that improving the costs are reflected in the profitability of real estate investment, for example: implementing solar energy in developments in the Riviera Maya, (characterized by its warm climate), satisfying a need at a lower cost.


Solar panels. They are photovoltaic cells that convert solar radiation into electricity.

Ecological lighting: LEDS. This kind of lighting uses diodes that emit light when current flows through them, it does not need gases or filaments and it does not generate heat.

Double glazed windows. They allow the temperature to be preserved reducing air conditioning consumption in hot areas, as in the Riviera Maya.

Reflective coatings. This type of coatings will reflect the heat from the sun keeping the inside temperature cooler and sometimes eliminating the use of air conditioning and fans.

Wind turbines. They are devices which transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy, depending on the wind speed, the blades of a wind turbine rotate between 13 and 20 revolutions per minute to achieve higher efficiency.

Biodigesters. This waste disposal system uses organic waste to produce fertilizer and biogas. The fermentation process is anaerobic, it has no oxygen, and bacteria are responsible for decomposition.

Rainwater harvest. A system consisting of collecting the water that precipitates naturally, through a filtration process that retains the impurities and proceeds to its storage.

Green roofs. They are spaces to improve the diversity of the species, to insulate a building against the gain or loss of heat.


The implementation of eco technologies is no longer a matter of fashion but a prevailing need for the preservation of the environment. Today real estate developers see their implementation as a measure to reduce the ecological footprint and thus promote a modern and current lifestyle, it is a comprehensive solution that benefits the economic, ecological and social sectors. The initial cos is high, but in the long term the benefit translates in savings. Eco technologies improve economic results and minimize damage to the environment by increasing efficiency in the selection and use of materials and energy sources, therefore controlling the impact on ecosystems.

Mayakaan Residences by Whyndham Grand, had thought of you.
We will have eco technologies of great positive impact!
eco-technologies in the real estate industry



Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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