Recovery of the real estate business first semester 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic marked the most significant global disruption in the 21st century; The processes and ways of life imposed underwent important changes and were even displaced by others, negatively impacting our daily lives in the way of relating and communicating. In addition, trade, purchases, sales and supply took a substantial turn supported by technology, artificial intelligence, social networks, digital platforms and other media of the same nature.

The paradigm shift was shocking across the board; however, the most affected sectors such as hotels, real estate, manufacturing and restaurants, among others, due to the growth and expansion of the e-commerce culture, opening of borders, international flights, moderation of confinement, automation of processes, trust in Markets, vaccination and global economic policy have created the conditions for an economic recovery that is measurable with the generation of jobs. According to the formal employment figures published by the Mexican Institute of Social Security in July, 116,543 formal jobs were registered compared to June, the highest record in the last ten years for a month that traditionally has a lower variation with respect to the Immediately previous month, to this it must be added that the recovery has been geographically differentiated, of the total of the more than 116 thousand new registrations, just over half (59,823) were concentrated in five states, Nuevo León, Baja California, Quintana Roo , Mexico City and Sinaloa, the other half in the remaining 27 states of the Republic.

Now, from the analysis of the data related to the growth of the last semester of the real estate sector of 2021, a significant figure is observed: a 50% increase in real estate sales via online compared to the first semester of 2019; This shows that confidence in the digital economy that is here to stay has increased; Likewise, real estate developers are obliged to substantially refocus their business model to align it with the needs of a consumer who has changed his habits and who currently demands to maintain the balance between the repayment of the debt or investment with the profitability that the acquisition of a real estate. In particular, Quintana Roo is an attractive entity for foreigners, investors and real estate developers, according to data from the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF) for this 2021, 3% of the national total of credits for social housing (INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, Banks and others) All the estimates and indicators contemplated in this exercise will be applied in that State of the country and the demand for housing financing for this 2021 will be lower than that projected in 2020, taking into account the complexity faced by households in Mexico and that have been seen forced to postpone investment and home purchase decisions, as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19; however, there is a serious recovery in the real estate sector.

Lamudi, for his part, places the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, in sixth place for residential supply with 5.91%, which makes it the most important nationwide in terms of population and supply, while Yucatán achieved 4.99% and Campeche in the last national place with just 0.19%; Without a doubt, Mexico City is the entity with the highest residential offer with 19.92%, followed by the State of Mexico with 14.65%. Likewise, this real estate platform refers that the importance of the real estate sector in the Mexican economy is so great, that it manages to contribute 11.1% of the Gross Domestic Product and in this 2021 it will be seen more firmness in this important sector.

As the real estate platform Lamundi points out, every crisis has its advantages and disadvantages, citing some of the most relevant opportunities for real estate companies, banks, brokers and real estate sites in 2021 in Mexico:

1.- 20% growth in the intention to buy a second residence to invest in income. Now people are looking more to rent a property

2.- Opportunity for banks and financial institutions, since the maintenance of the low fixed mortgage rates encourages people to be encouraged to ask for credit for the purchase of a house.

3.- 35% increase in housing income. After the uncertainty, people prefer to rent a house or apartment as their first residence.

4.- Redesign of homes and developments by adding functional spaces for home office, privacy, green areas and extra activities.

5.- Migratory effect to colonies and secondary cities. Due to the home office, the pandemic and other factors, people are looking to move to cheaper, less polluted or spacious places

6.- There is a growth in e-commerce that is driving the demand for industrial spaces to store closer to the metropolitan area

Undoubtedly, for the real estate industry the year 2021 will imply enormous challenges that will mean the adaptation of new spaces, the use of eco-technologies, sustainable developments and under profitable business schemes to guarantee the amortization of the investment, without a doubt, investing in real estate continues to be an option that guarantees capital gains and profitability; However, real estate developments in tourist destinations have had a gradual and upward reactivation, which depends on the influx of national tourism and international travelers. The Rivera Maya is a destination that we have talked about in previous blogs, an ideal destination to invest in real estate, because the Riviera Maya is more than a beach, real estate investment in the Riviera Maya is a solid option to diversify capital with the possibility of to generate large profits with benefits in a medium to long-term period, taking into consideration that the value of real estate assets is not affected by inflation and tourism demand is one of the highest in Mexico, with one of the highest growth and capital developments, thus being the ideal new scenario for real estate investors.

It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, as shown by the figures and occupancy records, the Cancun International Airport is one of the busiest in Mexico, mainly due to the tourist market that visits this region throughout the year. and constitutes the majority of airport operations. According to the latest estimates from its Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) and the National Tourism Business Council, Mexico rose from seventh to third place in the list of countries that receive more international tourists, this destination is one of the destinations with the greatest hotel and vacation recovery.

Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences

Let’s remember the benefits of investing in Riviera Maya:

-Exchange rate in favor, it is one of the most dollarized real estate markets in Mexico.

-Consolidation of the destination nationally and internationally, the COVID-19 virus failed to affect its popularity.

-Sustainable tourism planning by 2030, constitutes the first State Tourism Program of Quintana Roo, aligned and integrated with the objectives of sustainable development of the UN, with which continuity is guaranteed despite changes in municipal or state administrations.

Return on Investment and capital gains, the destination attracts a national and international market in need of accommodation, it is there where vacation rentals come into play, where the occupation of real estate can generate 6 to 12% annual return on investment.

Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya, is designed for you, it is a real estate development that adjusts the demands of the market with a business model that you do not want to miss!


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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