Puerto Morelos magnet of investments

Riviera Maya it’s about a very attractive tourist destination with turquoise water y with sand beaches, with a high hotel occupancy (way superior than the average versus other destinations), during the pandemic just happened.

“Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya” has a Premium location in Puerto Morelos, it’s right about 15 minutes from Cancun’s International Airport and has this special attraction for projects and investments as they are:

1. GRAND OUTLET MALLTERTAINMENT. A huge entertainment center at the south of the Cancun’s International Airport, 5 minutes away from Mayakaan Residences, with an investment of US$150M. With a presence of 160 different shop stores, 1 skating ice rink, 1 auditorium with 7,500 sits, 1 amusement park, 1 aquarium, the World’s biggest Go-Karts track and hot air balloons.

2. AMIKOO Latin-American’s biggest theme park with an investment of US$8M located 20 minutes from Mayakaan Residences.

3. MAYAN TRAIN. With a US$7,500M Federal Investment, this public transportation will pass across all the Yucantan’s Peninsula, with train stations in Puerto Morelos and Cancun.

4. CANCUN’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 5th TERMINAL EXTENTION Due to the numbers reflected during 2019 (25 million of passengers), currently hosting +31 million of passengers with only 4 terminals, also with a forecast growing a 10% annually, this extension of the airport it’s already planned with an investment of US$300M. .

5. SOUTHEAST LOGISTIC CENTER. A new big logistic center of supplies for the hotel business in all the Riviera Maya, will be located in Puerto Morelos turning it into a platform to supply all the Caribbean and South America. .

Besides all these points, Puerto Morelos has been awarded during 2019 and 2020 as a “Leader Destination in Adventure Tourism in Mexico” by the World Travel Awards, mainly because of the diversity of natural attractions as they are:

a) t’s colored coral reef barrier named and protected as a National Park being part of the second biggest reef barrier of the world, just behind the grand coral reef barrier located in Australia and

b) It’s emblematic “Ruta de los Cenotes”, a long natural path with a numerous underground natural water caves with limestone karst and connecting each other as a water connections system.

With this said, feel free to contact us and ask for a financial tour where you will able to analyze the incoming returns you would obtain with this, your most attractive real estate investment, and thus be part of one of the largest investment attracting magnets in Mexico.


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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