real estate is one of the most solid assets to invest

This late crisis caused by a new virus named COVID-19 has generated uncertainty in matter of investment, however, specialists assure that time of crisis ends favorable to invest in real estate. This is due to the need to maintain and improve the economic state by investing in a safe place such as a property where the possibility of profit is continuous.

A property is one of the strongest assets to investment. During or after a crisis, the concern about what may happen to the economy is imminent, that is why the safest thing is a property. These take value depending on their location, the value of their construction, the commercial value of their use and the turnover of their income, in addition to the feeling of greater security, compared to stocks that cannot be seen or controlled from the market. same way as a property.

“It turns into the ideal place to invest, the one that offers a differential factor and added value to the project. Also, one of the characteristics that must be taken in consideration is whether the capital gain increases the value of the property. ”

Any person or investor in search of real estate projects must considerate that, prior to the final decision, they must carry out a thorough investigation, analyze and sread the market. To take advantage of a good buying opportunity, you will need to survey the average property price and evaluate the competition.

And here is one of the great secrets well kept by financial advisers, who do not reveal this, precisely because it does not benefit them. But we insist, both, the acquisition of real estate and the acquisition of land (also called “Land Banking” strategy), are two of the safest investments in the world. This of course, only if the location is carefully selected and whose demand for the area is growing. Finding these conditions for “fertile investment” is a challenge, even for the most experienced companies in the industry.

In addition to this, we must consider how highly competitive the rental market is today. The key is to acquire properties that you can afford, with an accessible maintenance plan, which allows a continuous return on investment and with it, solid rental income.

Beach destinations, a plus in real estate investment A turnkey, furnished and ready-to-use vacation rental residence in a thriving popular destination is one of the best proven strategies for a strong return on investment, as it offers all the ingredients for a successful real estate investment.

The Riviera Maya is an example of this. New developments in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum are opening up a world of possibilities, offering a return on investment (ROI) of between eight and 14 percent. Also consider, there are projects with plans designed under the scheme “Property Without Worries, Without Hassles”. Concept for owners that ensures the best positioning for rent. Immediate maintenance actions. On-time payments directly to your bank account and best of all, your own vacation home.

The best thing is that this acquisition will help you diversify your investment portfolio and provide you with a constant source of growth that is not linked to the vagaries of the traditional stock market, as well as a significant hedge fund against inflation


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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