Real estate projects that have a sustainable construction increase the possibility of raising their value because this type of building is beneficial for future generations, the implementation of eco-technologies linked to the reduction of the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, can reduce about:


30% of energy consumption;

35% in carbon emissions and,

20-30% in water consumption.


Green architecture seeks to satisfy the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations, relying on three key factors: society, economy and environment. The implementation of eco-technologies in the real estate sector is a necessary step to generate long-term positive change processes because they can reduce costs in energy and water consumption, among others. This has a positive impact on the profitability of real estate investment.

In our Mayakaan Residences real estate development, the implementation of ecological solutions is planned, such as:


  • Wastewater treatment plant.
  • System for the reuse of treated water for use in the garden irrigation system, cooling of the air conditioning systems, and restrooms of the reception building.
  • Supply of purified water in each residence through an aquifer water treatment system.§
  • Separation at source of urban waste (organic and inorganic) for recycling.
  • High degree of self-production of electrical energy to reduce the consumption of electricity taken from the general network by means of photovoltaic solar panels, located on the roofs of the buildings, and sculptural wind turbines located on the gardens of the highway to move the great waterfall of water of more than 8 meters of free fall proposed on the main access.
  • Solar water heaters located on the roofs of the buildings for the sky pools and water park for children to reduce gas consumption.
  • Efficient use of electrical energy through LED lighting and saving lamps.
  • Parking spaces with chargers for electric cars.
  • Waste management plan generated during construction.
  • Management of hazardous waste generated, including collecting oily water produced by vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Planting of at least 2 trees for each residence built.
  • Rescue program for relevant flora species prior to the start of works, and reforestation plan with native flora with species such as Ceiba, Chaca and Cedro.
  • Wildlife rescue and transfer program prior to construction.
  • Safety and hygiene plan for workers during construction.


Its implementation responds to the prevailing need to preserve the environment. Today real estate developers see its implementation as a measure to reduce the ecological footprint and thus promote a modern and current lifestyle, it is an integral solution that benefits the economic, ecological and social sectors; its implementation is expensive, but in the long term the benefit is profitable. Eco-technologies allow improving economic results and minimizing damage to the environment, by increasing efficiency in the selection and use of materials and energy sources and controlling the impact on ecosystems. Don’t think about it, invest and win.


The specialists point out that, although sustainable architecture is not something new, the contingency derived from COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the future that real estate construction will bring to the next generations, since it must meet the new demand for Health building services.


Mayakaan Residences by Wyndham Grand is thinking of you.

We will have a medical clinic specialized in health, it is your great opportunity!



Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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