Fall in love in the Riviera Maya

¡An ideal destination to experience the magic of love!

      Our destination has a special charm to live and enjoy the very essence of love as a couple, it is characterized by its important cultural wealth and its wide diversity of ecosystems. You will be able to enjoy in the company of your loved one its turquoise beaches, its incredible coastal dunes, exuberant jungles, mangroves and impressive cenotes and underground rivers.

Can you imagine declaring your love in the middle of the sunset surrounded by the jungle environment?

Make the marriage proposal or celebrate your wedding anniversary by the sea or in a spectacular cenote?

Or just a relaxing day as a couple in a spa or in a pool at a luxury resort?

Can you imagine your wedding by the sea?

      If you are one of those romantic couples, you can have a pre-Hispanic Mayan ritual in the midst of the tranquility offered by the cenotes and beaches along the Riviera Maya. Love is spontaneity and tenderness, but also care and special details, everything that your partner means to you.

A romantic day on paradisiacal beaches

     The beaches of the Riviera Maya are like something out of a science fiction movie, enjoy the sea breeze and all its surroundings, with all the services at your fingertips, it is a dream come true. You just have to decide what you want to do on that special day with your partner.

A day of cenotes

     The cenotes are undoubtedly one of the most surprising attractions of this paradisiacal destination and in the Municipality of Puerto Morelos the Ruta de los Cenotes is located just 20 minutes from the international airport of Cancun, taking federal highway 307 in the direction of Playa del Carmen and to the right is the deviation to Leona Vicario and the Ruta de los Cenotes. Another option is taking the Cancún – Valladolid highway (federal highway 180) for 42 km until you reach Leona Vicario where you will find the deviation towards the Ruta de los Cenotes in the direction of Puerto Morelos. On the route of the cenotes you can find ecological reserves, sites for ecotourism and adventure activities. On the route is among many the “Cenote la Noria”, it is one of the largest on the route with 18 meters deep and 47 meters in diameter. In this place you can enjoy zip lines and tours on ATVs and horses, as well as you can taste delicious Mayan food.

A day at Kaan Luum Lagoon, a hidden gem

     A paradise without noise, without masses and without high prices, just 8 km south of Tulum, only reachable by private vehicle. It is located in the north of the Sian Kaan reserve. It is an area without tourist development, it only has a wooden platform that facilitates bathing since there are no beaches or sandy or grassy areas on the shore.

     It is characterized by having a large cenote 82 meters deep inside, in addition to the striking blue and green tones that are generated by the sun. Being surrounded by the paradisiacal nature of the Mayan jungle, it becomes the perfect place to enjoy as a couple. The lagoon, a perfect circle, is warm and safe, inhabited by fish in crystal clear turquoise waters. Kaan Luum is also popular for the mud and mud baths it offers, which are said to have healing properties.


The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

     The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve has an area of ​​528 thousand 148 hectares. Together with the Uaymil Flora and Fauna Protection Area and the Sian Ka’an Reef Biosphere Reserve, they make up the Sian Ka’an Complex, with an area of ​​652,192.97 hectares and share a single management program.

     The reserve is home to nine ecosystems: jungle, wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs, in addition to promoting projects with the communities that live in them. Home to the jaguar, tapir, manatee and peccary, Sian Ka’an has a system of freshwater underground rivers that interconnect the cenotes and the Petenes. It is the habitat for a large number of resident and migratory birds, such as the rare jabirú (Jabiru mycteria), the largest stork in the American continent that nests in the area, as well as four endangered species: the jaguar, the tapir, the manatee and peccary.

     It is a place to enjoy and connect with nature, which will allow you to enjoy great and unique moments as a couple.


At Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya, you will find everything you are looking for to fall in love, to live great moments with your partner and enjoy your dream wedding from the views of the Mayakaan chapel!


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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