Today, May 10, in Mexico we celebrate the woman who had the joy of being a “mother”, but how many times our mother has not said the day you are a mother, you will understand me. It is a very well said saying, because it is true that the experience of giving life allows you to feel and live true “unconditional love.”


         Being a mother is the work of art that is not finished, it is the canvas that day by day is filled with light and dark, light and shadow. It is the perfect form in the dimension of the ethereal space of motherhood, where the greatest value lies in the great love for that extraordinary work of art that every day is exposed to great critics “THE CHILDREN”, even to the criticism of the creator of life by those who feel they have the power to judge performance as a mother.


I wonder what being a mother entails?

          Answer that only the givers of life can say, each one will have their own story, their circumstances and emotions. But I can say that I honor my mother, because I am the reflection of her values ​​and education, also of her lights and darks that condition me day by day. This is where the great responsibility comes in to prepare ourselves as women to move into the great act of love of giving life and moving through that great canvas of our mother to give rise to the creation of a new work of art, with different forms.


        My recognition of the “transformative power” of motherhood, because being a mother my mother would say: “life changes absolutely” and living this unconditional love is a unique, incredible and wonderful experience. But being a mother is also a great challenge, making work life, couple life, one’s own spaces and personal needs compatible with motherhood, which is tremendously demanding, is not easy. Either way, experiencing this all-encompassing love makes all the efforts worth it.”

        Being a mother and working can be difficult to manage, there are decisions to make every day that can put us between a rock and a hard place. It is endless in making decisions to live in love in the circumstances of a fulfilled woman in her other great role in life and I mean professional. Women have a large number of important roles in the lives of our families, companies and family units. Being a woman and mother can be exhausting, so I encourage you to visit Puerto Morelos, which is a beautiful place of rest, adventure and relaxation. .


      The ideal place to rest on the fine white sand beach, swim in its calm turquoise waters, snorkel or dive in the reef, to recharge with energy and new emotions. It is the ideal destination to enjoy the beauty of the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park and its great biodiversity, as well as a privileged place for visitors and investors.


          As a visionary woman, I invite you to invest in a real estate asset. It remains a solid option to diversify your capital with the possibility of generating great profits with benefits in a medium to long-term period. They are assets that are not affected by inflation. Given the tourist demand, it offers a diverse and loyal offer in the national and international market after the ravages of the pandemic.


         Invest in Wyndham Grand Mayakaan Residences, located just 15 minutes from the Cancun international airport, which is the most financially innovative real estate development and has a highly profitable business plan.


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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