Day of the dead mayan underworld

       The Day of the Dead is one of the most important traditions in Mexican culture, it is a special moment because it is believed that they are days where there is a bond or communication between the souls and the living. In the different regions of the country it is celebrated in a particular way, but with the predominant tradition of an altar on which dishes of the taste of the faithful deceased, as well as candles and incense, are placed. Each of these elements are significant on this special day.

        In the Mayan tradition, the Day of the Dead is known as HANAL PIXÁL and is celebrated from October 31 to November 2. It is believed that the spirits of children arrive on the first day. On November 1st the adults arrive and on November 2nd all the spirits, there is a great celebration. These days are of jubilation and joy, it is believed that it is the opportunity to live between the world of the living and the dead, where there are no barriers between both worlds, where the ethereal becomes tangible.

        For the Mayans, human life was made up of the greatest gift of the deities “the pixan”, that is, the soul, which would return to the underworld upon death. It is there where the pantheons take on vital relevance in these days of celebration, since the remains of the physical body lie there. The tombs must be beautified before the expected annual moment of the visit of those not present on this physical plane where the journey of the underworld comes to life.

       In addition to the beautification of the tombs, the tradition marks the path of the souls with candles in such a way that the arrival to the terrestrial world is easy. This lighting of candles is also replicated in the offering that is placed in each of the houses that offer to their faithful dead.

      Likewise, a green cross must be placed that symbolizes the ceiba, a sacred tree for the Mayans, flowers, Mayan food such as mechado, stew, white filling, tamales, pumpkin sweets, marshmallows, sweet breads and honey; copal incense, the photograph of the souls, salt and water, the latter after the long journey to the underworld.

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