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The Riviera Maya is considered as the paradise for real estate investments and medical tourism, in recent years private investments in health have increased as an integral component of real estate and hotels due to the demand of tourists from the United States and Canada. , since these services are more expensive in their countries of origin. Medical tourism or health tourism is a sector that is gaining relevance in the Riviera Maya, thanks to the excellent connectivity of the Cancun International Airport with other destinations, and having specialized infrastructure and human resources, a fact that directly leads to an increase in the hotel occupancy.

According to the Medical Tourism Association of the Riviera Maya A.C., the strengthening and consolidation of medical tourism could have a multiplying effect and direct impact in the following areas:

  • Productive linkages between economic sectors , such as hotels, rental properties,
  • Hospitals, clinics, transportation companies, vehicle rental companies, and skilled jobs;
  • Increase in foreign exchange, as a result of the export of medical services; Increase in the number of visitors;
  • Diversification of the tourist offer;
  • Increase in hotel occupancy;
  • Increase in hotel occupancy;The Riviera Maya is positioned as a preferred destination for foreign tourists to undergo a surgical intervention of any kind or non-invasive procedure or to increase their sense of general well-being, a fact that leaves an important economic spill for different economic sectors. Currently, the statistics on the size of the industry show significant variations,but according to the query to the publication of the Deloitte firm “Market opportunities and perspectives of health tourism in Mexico” 1 in 2018 the size of the global industry is of 60.8 and 100 billion dollars and an annual growth rate 2018-2023 of 8.1% and in Mexico it is estimated between 1.4 and 1.8 billion dollars for 2021, with an annual growth of 10.7% to the year 2023, as as shown in the picture below:

Fuente:  1. Turismo de Salud en Mexico [PDF]

Likewise, the study in question refers that the value of the industry in Mexico represents around 5.6% of the total worldwide, with an average annual growth of 10.7% from 2018-2023, according to this growth it is estimated that for the year 2023 reaches a contribution of 10 billion dollars and the main tourists come from the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Malaysia as the countries with the most searches for surgeries in Mexico according to Google trends, as shown in the following images :

Fuente: 1. Turismo de Salud en Mexico [PDF]

From the foregoing, it is concluded that if the growth of medical tourism continues, a significant demand for hotel occupancy will be generated for pre and post-operative stay, with which the average rate could remain even post-pandemic. Likewise, the real estate sector has modified and adjusted its projects to this growing demand; medical tourism is undoubtedly a trigger for hotel occupancy or rental of condo-hotel real estate in the Riviera Maya. Currently, mixed-use real estate and hotel complexes with spaces for offices are being developed. These types of projects are innovative with a perspective of supply and demand for occupancy that will benefit the capital gain and profitability of the properties.

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