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General information on the project

It is a real estate development of 300 residences on an extensive land of around 6 hectares, located in Puerto Morelos, a charming town in the Riviera Maya, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and only 15 minutes by car from the Cancun airport.

It is surrounded by jungle and mangrove swamps, and only 3 km away from the beach and the coral reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, after traversing its path along green and leafy paths.

Gredos Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, a Mexican-Spanish developer that has participated in the real estate development of large housing projects, offices, shopping centers and hotels throughout the Mexican Republic since 2012.

“Wyndham Hotels and Resorts” is the largest hotel company in the world with more than nine thousand hotels in operation and through its most distinctive brand “Wyndham Grand” offers Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya the means to commercially guarantee that the project has a high hotel occupancy and high hotel rates with which to obtain high returns on your investment as an owner.

Finally, with Wyndham, by having preferential agreements with portals for the purchase of vacation packages (Booking, Expedia, …) it allows you to have hiring commissions on these portals at much more competitive prices than hotels of a smaller size.

Architectural project: The architects Manuel Ramírez from PLAN B Arquitectos and Jonathan Chizón from Jonathan Chizón Arquitectura.

Structural project: Erick Méndez from INTELLIGENT DESIGN.

Installation project: Engineer Francisco Pacheco from IMATI Proyectos.

Landscape and garden project: Landscape architect David Araiza from TEAM GARDEN.

Interior design project: Interior designer Pedro Romero from MACRO Arquitectura.

El trayecto a hacia el club de playa se realizará en su totalidad sobre selva y manglar en un ambiente altamente verde y natural, que marcará una experiencia inolvidable en tu estancia en Mayakaan.

There are two buildings for exclusive use for amenities, where you can enjoy: reception, reception bar, business center, wellness center and spa with hydromassage pool as well as a natural cenote for temperature changes, own beach club for use private on the Caribbean Sea, inland beaches on a natural lagoon, variety of restaurants covered with specialties, and signature bars, pool bars, waterfall bar, sky bar on roof top as an outdoor disco area, gym, yoga area in middle of the jungle, cafeterias, event and conference rooms, children’s pool with waterpark and pools for adults, adult games room with bowling alley, amphitheater with open-air cinema, kids ‘club, tenageers’ club, paddle tennis court, tennis court, archery, baseball batting cage, walkers through the jungle and mangroves, zip lines, dog park, jungle chapel and medical and aesthetic treatment center.

The resort will have a beach club 10 minutes away by bicycle or train from the complex and will have lounge chairs and umbrellas, a pool, a restaurant with an entertainment area and childcare for our baby-sitters.

The journey to the beach club will be made entirely over the jungle and mangroves in a highly green and natural environment, which will mark an unforgettable experience in your stay in Mayakaan.

At Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya we create smart buildings through technological innovation, through the implementation o

  1. a) Intelligent management of buildings through the implementation of the app “Mayakaan 4.0” in the management and use of the owner of the residence for: control of air conditioning and interior lighting, ignition and control of televisions, request for valet parking service, restaurant reservations, fitness machine occupancy status, available parking space information, and request for repairs.
  2. b) Design and construction of smart buildings, by automating the whole in a BMS (Building Management System). It is a management system for the buildings of Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya by means of the integral automation of its buildings and facilities, with which to view and operate by means of an operation switchboard and remotely via the internet technologies of the hydraulic system, electricity generation and consumption, the production and consumption of hot water, lighting systems, the opening of curtains depending on the degree of lighting, the fire detection and protection system, the surveillance camera system , the air conditioning system and the elevators, which results in greater interior comfort and greater safety in the facilities.
  3. c) Connectivity: Wifi 6.0 with fiber optic internet connection with a minimum speed of 600 Mbps throughout the development, and IOT (Internet Of Things or Internet of Things) as a set of sensors located in buildings connected to the network of automation of the BMS (Building Management System) without requiring human interaction.
  4. d) Smart buildings: Approach towards the energy efficiency of buildings through a relevant self-production of electrical energy in the resort through solar panels and wind generators, as well as the production of hot water through solar heaters, together with its Energy optimization through the installation of numerous sensors in equipment and control of users’ movements, which will allow the integral automation of Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya to act as an intelligent building system.
  5. e) Use of Constech technologies, through the use of BIM (Building Information Management) in the architectural design and construction of building works.
  6. f) Artificial intelligence, and Data and Machine Learning: Use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage relationships with the owners of tourist residences, aimed at managing three basic areas: commercial management, marketing and mainly the after-sales or customer service.
  7. g) Use of the DESBRAVADOR 4.5 software as an innovative platform for hotel reservations for WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts.
  8. h) Smart public screens at the resort reception with information to the user about activities and entertainment.
  9. i) Convention romos 4.0 for congresses and corporate events with: Advanced voice and data systems, congress app and virtual reality.
  1. a) Fountains and waterfalls in the access to the resort combined with large Mayan sculptures.
  2. b) Vertical fish tank with tropical fish along with 12-meter high LED information screens inside the reception lobby.
  3. c) For rainy situations, the resort has service tunnels from the elevators of all the residence towers to the amenities buildings where the restaurants are located.
  4. d) Waterfall bar that is accessed after crossing the curtain of water from a waterfall.
  5. e) Gardens with a jungle environment and elevated wooden bridges over natural lagoons.
  6. f) Jacuzzi on the terrace of each residence, or swim-up pool in the ground floor residences.
  7. g) Comprehensive furnishing and five-star hotel equipment, including: televisions, pictures, curtains, microwave, coffee maker, kitchenware, plates, glasses, saucepans and cutlery, iron, dryer as well as toilet paper, body lotion and soap.
  8. h) Two elevators per tower of residences of 50 units to minimize your waiting times.
  9. i) BBQ area and infinity pool (sky pools) in the roof garden for condominium use of each tower of residences with views of the mangrove and the sea.
  10. j) Reverse osmosis treatment plant for groundwater taken from the aquifer before reaching the taps for human consumption in order to have high quality water equivalent to bottled water.
  11. k) Rainwater collection system and its storage in natural lagoons to reduce the risk of flooding at the local level.
  12. l) Gray water reuse treatment plant for use in cooling air conditioning systems and the garden irrigation network in order to reduce the consumption of water taken directly from the aquifer.
  13. m) Emergency power plants, in the event of a cut in the external light supply, with which 100% of the consumption of the real estate complex and your residence will operate and therefore without interruptions in its hotel operation.
  14. n) Integral system of hot water boilers for the whole, combined with solar heaters to minimize the consumption of L.P. gas.
  15. o) 24-hour video surveillance system through cameras throughout the complex connected to a monitoring switchboard.
  16. p) Air conditioning system by means of a chilled water system and chillers cooled with water from the aquifer to reduce the electricity consumption of the complex and minimize maintenance and operating costs.
  17. q) The residences will have their own indoor Fan & Coil type evaporators to give comfort to the room, which will be integrated into the ceiling and walls of the residences, therefore without leaving visible elements of minisplit type air conditioning as seen in numerous competitor developments .
  18. r) Ambient sound in walkways and amenity buildings.
  19. s) One target and towel throw shoot per building.
  20. t) Fire protection system through sprinklers in each residence.
  21. u) Cancellation with anticyclonic protection grade 4.
  22. v) System of cancelería with acoustic and thermal isolation by means of the use of double glass, to attenuate the possible noises and minimize the consumption of air conditioning.
  23. w) Sound insulation membrane on floors.
  24. x) Opening of residences by means of programmable wristbands.
  25. y) Children’s pool and sky pools with water heated by solar panels.
  26. z) Production of electrical energy by means of solar panels.

The 300 residences are located in six separate towers, with 50 residences per tower.

In the four levels of these buildings (ground floor and three additional levels) they generally have studio residences, and 1 and 3 bedrooms. Depending on the level, they have terraces with Jacuzzi or swim-up pools. In addition, the upper level residences have a large and lush solarium on the roof garden.

We have several models or prototypes of residences with surfaces from 50 m2 to 247 m2.

Each penthouse has a roof garden for exclusive use with perimeter planters, Jacuzzi, grills, loungers, and with views of the jungle and the sea or the interior gardens.

Each residence building will have a roof garden for condominium use with an infinity pool with views of the jungle and the sea, as well as lounge chairs and a barbecue area.

In the complex there will be 166 parking spaces, within the common use area of ​​the condominium regime, under the shade and freshness of the forest trees, and a valet-parking service to deliver your vehicle to the entrance of the resort.

All the drawers are large for parking even trucks, with dimensions of 2.50 m by 5.0 m.

There will be 1.50mx 1.50m warehouses on level -1 of the development and will be sold at a price of 6,000 USD as an additional item to the residence.

Yes, we have trained staff to care for pets within our 370 m2 “Dog park” and walks through the jungle, so that pets can enjoy nature. However, the access of pets to the area is restricted. rest of the resort.

We have internal transportation to the beach club offering an unforgettable experience when crossing the jungle and the mangrove swamp.

Vacation and hotel operation

Mayakaan has 300 residences or condominiums, generally with two bedrooms each, which at the farm level are converted into 600 rooms or hotel suites, on the order of half with 50 m2 interior plus terrace and the other half with 30 m2 plus terrace.

Due to its large dimensions, it is initially proposed that it be an “all-inclusive” vacation resort, in which its guests contract a package that includes accommodation with shows within the resort, as well as drinks and food.

Mayakaan will be a WYNDHAM GRAND hotel, 5 stars, “all inclusive”. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel company in the world with more than nine thousand hotels in operation and that through its globally recognized hotel brand provides the means to Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya to have a high hotel occupancy and high hotel rates with which to obtain high returns on your investment as an owner.

At Mayakaan Residences, Riviera Maya offers its owners a hassle-free turnkey hotel management program, which will be professionally managed and supported by a large global hotel brand such as WYNDHAM GRAND.

In the long term you will be able to obtain returns of 160% in just 8 years from the reservation of your residence, through significant increases in the price of your unit through its capital gain, as well as the profitability of the hotel operation of your residence, combined with your use during your vacation or rest periods.

Of the hotel operation account of the rooms, 75% of the profit or annual profit will be for the owners of the rental pool, and 25% for the hotel operator Wyndham.

As elements that generate high hotel occupancies in the resort, and consequently generate income and profitability, we have:

  1. Business International Lounge; with three large meeting rooms for companies (with a total capacity for up to 450 people, 150 + 150 + 100), five covered restaurants and bars in the best location.
  2. Chapel for weddings overlooking a natural lagoon for ceremonies within the resort, as well as a gasibo in the beach club.
  3. Beauty & Heatlh center and Medical Center will allow to exploit the medical tourism market.
  4. Wyndham Grand brand that allows high rates and occupancies together with its loyalty program “Wyndham Rewards” with more than 80 million users worldwide.

In addition to the contract of promise of sale, which upon delivery of the residence will be constituted in the corresponding deed of ownership of the residence, the real estate developer will sign with each owner a lease or vacation rental contract for the exploitation of tourist residences for a period of 6 years, which will be self-renewable for equivalent periods.

During the term of the vacation rental contracts, Mayakaan owners are authorized to use their residence in an unlimited manner in terms of days of use and without restrictions per season throughout the year, under the vacation program “Mayakaan Unlimited Experience included”.

It is possible to live permanently after the six-year lease ends. However, our business model is really based on vacation enjoyment and obtaining profitability for our owners.

Within the condominium regime of the resort, it is established that no owner may rent his residence for less than 12 months. Consequently, individual exploitation will not be allowed through AIRBNB-type platforms that may cause negative references to the complex and that may in turn make internal price competition to the Mayakaan hotel operator, which looks after the interests of all owners.

The income per residence will be much higher than the hotel operating expenses to achieve profits of the order of 50% per year and the corresponding annual returns on the initial acquisition price of your residence.

Swimming Pools

Within the vacation complexes we have the largest pools of all the resorts in the Riviera Maya, with a total area of ​​pools of the order of 5,000 m2 (the equivalent in surface area of ​​five Olympic pools).

The central pools run through the entire complex with a total length of the order of 150 meters in length and approximately 3,000 m2 of surface, and an intermediate waterfall with a 3 meter high waterfall and with variable depths of up to 1.50 meters. Along this large pool there are wet loungers (inside the pools), swim bars (bars on the edge of the pool), a waterfall bar under the waterfall and also has a pool for children .

The swim-up pools around the tourist residence buildings have an additional 5,000 m2.

The residence buildings will have a roof garden that will have a 43 m2 infinity pool (12.8 m long by 3.4 m wide) with a depth of 1.3 m. We also have 2 pools on the sky bar located on the roof of the reception building, with dimensions of 62 and 40 m2 each. In summary, we have 7 sky pools in the resort with 360 m2 of pools in addition to the superficial ones.

In Mayakaan, fun for the little ones is the priority, which is why we have a children’s pool measuring 850 m2 and 47 meters long, with a waterpark with slides and a fairly shallow depth to guarantee their safety.

Restaurants and bars

The restaurants and bars will be operated directly by the resort’s hotel operator, as part of the all-inclusive package for resort guests.

In addition, the resort will have several stores, including a mini-supermarket where you can make purchases and thus be able to cook at your residence.


Internet, gym, yoga, hydromassage circuit of the spa with natural cenote, paddle and tennis courts, show in the amphitheater and event room, open-air cinema, chapel in the jungle and transport by train and golf cart to the club. Beach.


The 1,100 m2 wellness center and spa is located inside the Dzonot tower (cenote tower), the second main amenity building, and will have a hydromassage circuit with views of the natural cenote.

In addition, it will have a beauty salon, sauna, steam room and 16 massage cabins to serve up to 160 people a day, as well as a nutritional area.

“A good massage transforms you to a deep state of relaxation, vitality and harmony in body and mind.”

The spa will have independent services that will be hired separately by the guests.

Residence owners will have free access to the hydromassage circuit.

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