Puerto Morelos National coral reef park

Puerto Morelos has been awarded during 2019 and 2020 as a “Leader Destination in Adventure Tourism in Mexico” by the World Travel Awards, mainly because of the diversity of natural attractions as they are:

  1. It’s colored coral reef barrier named and protected as a National Park being part of the second biggest reef barrier of the world, just behind the grand coral reef barrier located in Australia, and
  2. It’s emblematic “Ruta de los Cenotes”, a long natural path with a numerous underground natural water caves with limestone karst and connecting each other as a water connections system.

Puerto Morelos’ National Coral Reef Park

It was declared as “Puerto Morelos’ National Reef Park” back in February 2nd, 1998, as per Government decree.

Puerto Morelos’ National Reef Park belongs to a reef barrier called “Greatest Mayan Reef”, considered as the second largest coral reef in the world, just behind Australia’s greatest coral reef. The Mexican Caribbean owns more than 217.5 miles of the second largest world’s coral reef that are extended along the south of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras until it turns into 621.4 miles larger.

Between the attractions of the Puerto Morelos’ National Coral Reef Park you can find, there is the recreational using of its white sand beach and its turquoise water, characterized by its low wave activity and affording the ideal conditions for kids and elder people. Besides, inside the reef lagoon, it’s very popular to practice non-motorized sports as kayaking and windsurfing.


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