Much is said about the value that coexistence with nature in its different ecosystems contributes to the state of well-being of human life, a hypothesis that was proven during the pandemic in previous years; where the longing and desire for contact with nature was growing.

       We live in a totally accelerated society, where it is almost impossible to achieve the capacity for contemplation, where time passes under an illusion of coexistence with the rest of living beings and contact with nature.

         This is where the question comes: what value do we give to the connection between humans and nature? Or, why is it more pleasant to enjoy the sun, sand and beach? We need to take a break from the time and pace of life we ​​lead to return to the center, to ourselves, to its root, which is nature itself, in the diversity of its manifestations. It is necessary to return to the origin that we are, one more element of a whole of the planetary system called Earth.

        Under this vision, I wish to raise the importance of conserving the marine sanctuary of Puerto Morelos, in Quintana Roo, since coral reefs constitute the most complex and diverse ecosystem in the marine environment and are included among the oldest and most productive ecosystems on the planet. They represent a great lung for human life, a joy to the senses given the great diversity of the multiple species of plants and animals. This marine sanctuary provides an alternative for a specific sector of tourism that demands the enjoyment of landscape values, tranquility and relaxation, which only well-preserved natural environments can offer.

         Visiting the marine sanctuary of Puerto Morelos is a great natural and cultural joy from land to sea, since this destination is characterized by the courtesy of fishermen and boat captains who make a living from low-impact aquatic activities such as snorkeling, diving. and water rides. They are the great guardians of the reef because they know its importance and its positive impact during the storms and hurricanes that develop at certain times of the year.

        The conservation of the large reef favors the development of beaches, dunes and mangroves, the latter recently declared as the Puerto Morelos Mangrove Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF). As a whole, Puerto Morelos, which is located just a few minutes from the Cancun international airport and its Mayan Train station, is a destination of great economic value due to its high degree of protection and conservation.

       Historically, the value of land and real estate increases depending on several factors such as infrastructure, communication routes, sustainable development, security and nearby public services. The municipality of Puerto Morelos is distinguished for being a destination recognized for its level of security and tranquillity. But no less important for the increase in added value in a medium-term projection of this destination will be the very high level of conservation that the different ecosystems present.

       Interaction with nature to achieve a state of well-being is a constant desire. Investing in a tourist destination that has many areas declared as protected zones guarantees access in the medium and long term, and is a guarantee of capital gains that will be of great economic value in the future.

        Therefore, investing in our hotel real estate development “Wyndham Grand, Mayakaan Residences” represents capital gains and a solid return on investment, simply due to the fact that it is in a privileged location where the preservation and conservation of ecosystems represents a great asset. Coupled with our real estate-hotel business model regarding obtaining profits from the hotel management of your residence.

     In our real estate development you will be surrounded by a jungle environment, cenotes and a bird paradise, where you can live great experiences that will make you feel that desired state of tranquility. Ask about the prices of our residences and learn about our business model. INVEST AND ENJOY THE PROFITABILITY OF MAYAKAAN RESIDENCES.

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created. (Albert Einstein)


Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya by Wyndham Grand

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